19th Feb 2011, 10:17 AM A letter of hope

I know my update shedule, athough planed to be perfect, is slipping away as badly as it might be possible, but, nevertheless i hope that those who have grasped of begining of my ideas, truly will have some patience for the update. I promise to do anything in my power to keep up the saturday-sunday shedule whenever i get the chance to upload the comics fully. I am currently writing from a public computer, so the message might be not as perfect as i would like, but thats what you get for having only payed for hal an hour.

My current life seems as a rage of disasters following each other, and i cannot believe it myself when I'm contemplating what has happened yet.

But I feel the support of the readers, current and future, and I hope that everything will turn out fine. Thank you for all your care, i really appretiate it.

And to reply a mail I got recenly, which suggested the immposible, I must say that I was flabbergasted. There are truly seriuos problems I have and it is no joking matter.


With hope,


26th Jan 2011, 6:00 AM Wellcome

I'm going to tell you a trale, wonderous, thrilling, and enjoyable by everyone.

You do not believe me? 

I never lie. You'll see.

I have seen and read many webcomics. Most of them update regulary, but sometimes slip the schedule. I took all the necesarry precations, that shouldn't happen. Pages are planned, are being eddited as you are reading this, and updates will be every saturday and sunday.

Looking forward to entertaining readers, but most of all, i would like everyone to stop and think. About what they have, what they are and what they do. This comic will talk about that and everything.

Good luck.

Looking forward to feedback, advice and everything you can give. I will gladly listen, but be warned - I usually have an opinion, so i won't follow any advice blindly.